Secure your social platform in the cloud.

The evolution of workspaces now allows access to a virtual workstation from from an iPad, Android, desktop or a laptop, at any time. This approach separates your operating system’s data and apps from local hardware, running them instead separately our servers.

Think of it as your own computer in the cloud!

Virtual Workstations allow you to access your work via a dedicated remote computer securing your data away from your local device. The operating system and personal data are stored on a network which is located in our secure data center using unique log-in credentials, instead of locally on your PC itself or other computing devices. A desktop or laptop is standard, but if you are looking for the added convenience of browsing your work desktop with a tablet, smartphone, or another device that can connect to the Internet, that is a possibility as well.

The virtual machines behave just as a traditional desktop would. Your programs, history and personalization settings stay intact and appear just as you left them at the end of the workday. These aspects include wallpapers, widgets and everything that you are familiar with on your current work computer. When you are finished working on a project, just save as you normally would, and the files will be kept in a folder on your virtual system or Office 365, which are accessible whether you are in-office or remote.

Advantages of a Virtual Machine

+ Flexibility
+ Accessibility
+ Cost Effective
+ Increased Productivity
+ Stability
+ Better Security

Our Security Standards

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Virtual Workstation
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