Will I have access to my website?

Absolutely. You own your own website and domain. You will have a login to your site in the case you want to change wording etc.We just help manage and customize it for you!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the perfect option if you’re looking for customization. Whether you’re looking to blog, sell products online, have a membership site, have one place to share all of your passions and business opportunities, WordPress is the perfect platform to work with.

I already own a domain, can I use it?

Yes. You can use your existing domain. We can help you customize your existing website if you already have one or we can make one from scratch.

I’m happy with my current website. Can I use your hosting?

Yes, we would love to host your website. You do not have to use our design services to host with us.

Can I have an e-commerce site?

Yes, our servers are perfect for hosting an e-commerce site!

Does design work or customizations come with the free install?

No. The free install only comes with the installation of the theme and framework of your site. You would need to go in and customize yourself or purchase our design/customization blocks to have us do the work for you and bring your ideas to life.